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Voip calling software for pcCall Recording Call Recording of NoNotes by NoNotes is a free app that lets you record incoming and outgoing calls, can save conversation files in the cloud and share via email or Facebook. Useful Links Last Express Talk Screen FAQ (FAQ) Technical Support SIP Provider More VoIP Software Related Software Virtual Windows PBX Waiting Message Player Conference Conference Server Auto Attendant Software Business Software More Software. From Touchscreens to Touchscreens, iPads to iPhone and Everything Goes Digital It No wonder they use technology as it has always been a part of life. Lower Costs Voice over IP (VoIP) services use the broadband internet connection to provide you with a powerful web-based phone service with all of the advanced communication features. International VoIP calls work in the same way VoIP Long Distance: A VoIP call routes the call from a local network to the Internet and (hopefully) to the local network in the country you are calling. Elastix Unified Communications Distro supports IVR features Freeswitch ICTDialer an open source Smart Auto dialer software along with graphic IVR designer tools. Shareit Pc Software Full Version here. Just download and install on your device through the Play Store, iTunes or web application and start hanging out with friends and family members for free .Jitsi is recommended for adventurous users who are not afraid to mess around with configuration files and encryption keys to a customized experience before to protect snooping. Below is a list of the most common VoIP softphone services and applications: Skype Skype is the most popular of all softphones, with hundreds of millions of subscribers worldwide. These apps provide the cheapest way to communicate to people who want to communicate with their friends and family all over the world over the Internet.