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You can still see the menu by pressing the menu button on the remote control of the DVD player. Short movie maker software for windows 7When I was able to import the file, I did not have much trouble learning to use the software, and apart from a few glitches, it worked well that I managed to make a short video without much trouble editing. If a bar appears at both ends of the blue timeline, start trimming: Slide the rods from the front to trim the beginning. Slide the backrest to trim the end. You can give the articles a rough order by clicking on an article and then clicking the up or down arrow on the menu bar. It gives you all the impressive features like nonlinear editing and a large collection of visual effects. Avid Media Composer has a full-featured editing interface that never limits your creative edge when editing movies, videos or anything else. To change the DVD menu text A) Click Menu Text in the toolbar. Btvsolo Music Production Software. (see screenshot above) B) Do one or more of the following steps you want to perform.