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Picasso photo editor softwareYou agree that you provide complete, timely and correct information about yourself as requested and that you keep this information up to date. Trademarks, trademarks, and service marks that belong to us may not be used in conjunction with any products or services that are not ours in Germany in a manner that may create confusion. Image Compressor Software Download Free more. You have sent messages to their users to access photos already stored in Picasa and edit Google Photos. Editing Tools: This app includes a nice set of editing tools that allow you to crop and correct, remove red-eye, add contrast and use all types of filters. You can also instant backup to CD (or other hard disks) to organize (just like with Gmail) to write captions for all photos and for both videos and photo collection photos to organize your photos using labels and stars. This is the entire agreement between us regarding the subject and replaces any prior or concurrent written or oral agreements between us in relation to this subject. Export options are greatly expanded, allowing you to export in multiple sizes, convert to sRGB color space, and export a single level or Artboard.Tools are also highly customizable, with support for hundreds of formats, you can change skins, change preview, search for single-file files, directory view, Adobe Photoshop Filter support, print options, overlay images, and media player support, etc. E-mail photos with the built-in Picasa client to compress images avoid ordering laboratory quality at home or without mistake. Windows Live Movie Maker allows you at a speed up to five stars, as opposed to Picasa is light or Off-Star, but the only star will be sufficient for most users.