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I tempted by a Mac mini, since I already have a decent screen, but worried that he will not meet the audio recording requirements. Logic music software macAlthough CPU performance shows that Logic uses all cores, there are some issues that need to be solved. For Windows 10 Software. Start with a bass to play on the keyboard and the split point moves up so the bass will not suddenly turn into another sound when you get into the higher notes. Logic music software macThis is a true blessing for live recordings of bands or songwriters who want to get ideas quickly, and then use them as the basis for the final project, instead of making it a metronome again later. Logic Pro X contains an extensive collection of instruments, effects and loops that provide a complete toolbox for creating good sound. Multi-mapping allows a controller to control multiple plug-in parameters, so you can dramatically change the sound by rotating a single button. Hard disks can be a bottleneck due to their relatively low speed compared to SSD and may be high.