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internet fax software pcInstead of printing a document and then faxing it (or receiving a document via fax, then scanning it), you can send faxes from a computer and received. In the suite you will find: IGWebMail, IGCalendar, IGContacts, IGArchive, IGWiki, IGTodo, IGChat, projects, IGFax a HylaFAX client IGFileManager, IGMsg and many others. Coversheet Designer lets you add text, graphics, objects, company logos and defined fax information to create a unique front page template that you can use when sending faxes to customers or customers. Then a fax in Windows send and receive 7 Step 1) Connect an active phone line to the input terminal on the phone connection to. Cd Cover Designer Software. Step 2) Open the Start menu and give it a Windows Fax and Scan, and press Enter. Step 3) Click New Fax. A particular feature of Internet Fax is the ability to swap faxes with traditional phone-based fax machines as compared to other Internet communications as e-mail.