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Despite the professional production of the software, the user interface is easy to understand, and you do not need special training to work with it. Home Design Software For Pc more. Free pc softwares download for windows 7The software can even use a variety of finishing filters to make your movies show their best. If you have problems with non-sync audio with the image, VLC can also fix it. Unfortunately, I have previously found that better computer technicians have trouble communicating in the language that the rest of the world can understand. Neat Receipts Software Download Windows 7 Free more. It not only allows you to change any part of the operating system, but in many cases it also shows you exactly what some customization will do, which is rare in a system tweaker. Free pc softwares download for windows 7Right-click a compressed file and you can extract it from then on. 7-Zip works with many different types of compressed files, including ISO disk images, so it a great extension for Windows. It far superior to Windows 7 Notepad tool and has a fullscreen mode that completely blocks interruptions, including clock, start menu and notification area. Like many of the programs in this list, LibreOffice is open source, which means that everyone with the skills and time to develop custom plugins for other users is free. It is an excellent operating system that is still supported by Microsoft and receives common security updates (as opposed to Windows Vista). It does not annoy with popup windows like windows, is much more open than macOS, and is easier for beginners to master than linux. Download Best Proxy Server Software Free more. VLC Media Player is also an excellent way to enjoy DVDs and Blu-rays on your PC (assuming you have the required optical drive) and you can customize the playback that fits your system. Get Free Alternatives to Windows 7 Windows 7 Easy Transfer Easy to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Restore Windows Photo Viewer to Windows Free Software to Restore Classic Windows Viewer Get Free Options.