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Idm 5.19 Crack Full Version on this page. Folder lock software for windows 8.1Open the tool, locate the folder you want to hide, select it, and then click Hide Folder option to hide your private folders. The app lets you protect contacts, wallets, notes, audio, and other types of data you need to protect. In short, Folder Lock is a complete data protection solution for your Windows Phone. When you open the interface, you have several options, including the ability to lock and encrypt files, protect USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs, and encrypt email attachments. Related Questions More Answers at the bottom How do I configure a password for a folder in Windows 8.1? How can I lock a folder in Windows 8.1? How to lock folders with a password without using remote software in Windows 8.1 Some of the unique features of the private folder are that when the folder name or root has changed, the rule automatically adjusts the screen while changing files are still locked and hidden . Excel To Pdf Converter Software For Windows 7. This also means that no outsiders will be able to access your secure folder on your PC without a password, uninstall it or reset the password, making it extremely secure and secure. If you are in a similar situation, you can try the folder Protector, a password protection for the Windows folder, which is not only free but also portable, which means it does not need to be installed. You can use the built-in feature in Windows 8.1, called Bitlocker, to lock a full local disk partition. Follow this A beginner guide to BitLocker, the built-in Windows encryption tool. Music Creator Software For Pc more. You can also intercept and perform actions on repetitive hacking attempts based on incorrect password logs. Additionally, you can set an automatic, duration-based data protection protection, so you know your data is no longer available to others if you not on your PC. The process is simple: just run the folder lock and select the folder you want to protect. Enter your password and select now, if you want access, you must enter your password so that it stays untouched if the person trying to open it does not know the password.