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disk cleanup software for windows 7Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix Free Download v2.1 I have tested v2.1 of Cleanersoft Software Free Registry Cleaner in Windows, but it also works with Windows 8, Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. Show your support Clapping shows how much you appreciate the Minal Khatri story. 1 No Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Clearing system recovery - Windows 7 saves every time something important (driver installation, some software installations, etc.) happens and after a while many system files can take up a lot of space. Free Antivirus Software Trial Version Download Kaspersky. Many temporary files can accumulate anywhere on the computer, mainly from internet surfing, so it may be worth running this tool from time to time. We like the ability to save cleaning options as a preset later, as well as the program capabilities to manage how it deletes system files and other functional parameters. Sort the files clear the desktops 2m 9s organize files with folders 1m 59s drag and drop files v2.3.4 1m 55s copy and paste 1m 51s Use Trash 2m 28s 2. Download nCleaner nCleaner I have v2.3.4 under Windows 8 and tested and it appeared to work well but it is only listed as support for windows this vista. when a fairly simplified description of the winssx folder is the general idea is that i want to convey here is that the winxx folder can be so big it takes one plenty of space on the hard drive. The only reason I rated Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix lower than Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is because this program took a long time to scan the registry. After you install this update, you will see a new Windows Update Cleanup option in the Disk Cleanup utility to delete unnecessary Windows updates.