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Some of the many things this free software can do for you is; Perform real-time image processing with node-based effects; Editing in DV, SD, HD and Movie; Real-time 3D composition and Flash animation (up to 32,000 mat levels). Best movie maker software for windows 7But if you do not have a Mac (like me, I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64), you have no choice but to go with something other than iMovie09. Hide this message. Quora Post New Question Video Editor Windows Software Windows 7 Video Editing Microsoft Windows What is the best video editing software for Windows 7. Compressor Software Full Version. Love gaming :) Answered before 164w Well, it depends on how much you get started and the quality of work you want, when you want to make a birthday video for your friend or a jubilee video for your parents, etc. However, at the moment, I looking at the ability to display frame by frame and add the audio track of another shot soundtrack (I know that it is possible with the Microsoft editor, but the live editor hurts. It the best free website to edit video, but now I do not know why it not working in my computer and I can not download for free for Pro: make video reviewed July 24, 2017 by Anonymous Great App. Windows Movie Maker (3 of 5 starts) - Closest to iMovie09, but very easy in features and features as they copied features from a previous version of iMovie. Due to multiple subtitles (subtitles) and audio tracks on DVD and Blu-ray format, it is quite possible to have an extensive range of spoken and text combinations on the same medium.