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Drag audio clips just drag and drop to the timeline, then mix music, song and soundtrack, adjust volume, swing it, hide it and add audio effects like EQ, compression, vocal, and more added, Audio mixer software macI looking for something similar to the Windows volume mixer, for example. Turn off Firefox without closing the entire system. It is very useful for those who want to collect many audio and video clips and adjust them for some reason before they are saved. Cd Cover Designer Software. Not only do I use it as part of my mastering chain, I use the Imager module as a separate plugin for individual tracks. You do not need much to make a big difference. File Name: Plazer for Mac OS X Author: plazes AG License: Freeware (Free) File Size: 526 Kb Runs Under: Mac OS X Structure101 For Java Mac OS X Release v.2006 Structure101 For Java Mac OS X Edition 2006, users provide a useful tool to help them with management and structuring101 For Java Mac OS X Edition 2006, users provide a useful tool for managing and monitoring. Help preview the video when mixing videos and watching your video snippets on an external monitor, TV, or projector. The operating system for the computer determines the audio mixer that must be downloaded. The toolbar above the edit panel can be customized so you can add or remove any editing tools you use frequently. No more context changes or opens more windows - just tonal balanced, professional audio. Download for Mac OS X Learn about Mac Audio Recording Also Available for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android Mac Tone Generator Generate sine wave, audio, white noise, sound tones, sweeps and other waveforms.